This first opening is a great success ! Orders are on the way to be produced. Delivery time is expected for early July.

You can still order items, some are available, some not anymore. The sold out ones will be produce in 2020. Ask for availability.

Notice : stickers could be produced at very short notice and the quantity discount is negligible. So stickers will be available all year long.

To improve our Store’s offer for the next opening of an order window (Spring 2020), you are welcome to make suggestions or wishes about cool and fun SAA items to put in the catalog of the SAA Proud Member Store

Your Committee.

SAA Proud Members Store 2020 will open in :



Price : 24.- CHF
Materiel: 100% cotton
Colors: black or white
Gender: unisex
Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XL-XXL

Golf Umbrella

Too sunny or too wet, the perfect tool for any aerobatic pilot !

Price: 40.- CHF
Material:100% polyester
Color: black
Diameter: 120 cm


Price: 12.- CHF
Color: black

Small SAA Sticker

Price: 6.- CHF
Size: 12cm x 7cm
Color: white and red

Small SAA Sticker

Price: 6.- CHF
Size: 12cm x 7cm
Color: black and red


Price :  36.- CHF
Materiel: 100% cotton jersey, Organic BIO
Colors: Black / White (logo embroidery)
Gender: Male / Female
Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL

Aerodrome Safety Jacket

Compulsory on many aerodromes.

Price: 17.- CHF
Material: 100% polyester
Color: Yellow
Size: XL

Softshell Jacket

Price range: available in 2020
Material: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
Color: Black
Sizes : S-M-L-XL-XXL
Option: your First Name/LAST NAME on the right front side, add 15.- CHF.

SAA Sticker (Personalized size)

Price: ask for pricing
Size: to be choosen
Color: white and red / black and red (or ask for personalised colors).

Note : the one shown on HB-MSW is 32cm x 18.5 and cost 20.- CHF. A 50cm x 29cm sticker will cost about 25.-CHF.